Journal Eye for Detail: Making an entrance

Journal — May 9, 2024

Eye for Detail: Making an entrance

Journal — May 9, 2024 Eye for Detail: Making an entrance

Entrances and reception spaces have the power to create an unforgettable moment that sets the tone for the experience of a building. At Arbor, we’ve designed an entrance hall that plays with the volume created by the building’s undercroft to set a new standard for a high-impact welcome to office space.

Native Land places huge value in crafting memorable first impressions: we’ve brought the experience and attention to detail we honed through delivering London’s finest prime residential and hospitality space to the office sector. This focus on quality and service is pertinent as occupier demands continue to push the quality of communal spaces a long way from the cramped offerings of the second half of the twentieth century office.

Lobbies began their rise to prominence during the “war for talent” sparked by the emergence of tech as a serious occupier class, when companies courted the best brains with in-office perks and spaces aimed at sparking social interaction. In the post-covid era, the entrance hall is firmly in favour with occupiers for its ability to leave an impression and create connections between the life of the building and the street outside.

Arbor’s entrance is the starting point for the high-quality experiences that make the office an attractive and engaging place to be. Full height glazing reveals the 14-metre-high undercroft to the street, making a feature of the building’s presence on a major crossroads and signposting the entrance to visitors.

A two-flight escalator rises upwards through the space, providing a private entrance to the second-floor workspace and generating a moment of theatre inspired by the iconic entry sequence to the nearby Tate Modern.

The interior design brings together book-matched Italian marble flooring and a contemporary take on the coffered ceiling, with a palette of tactile, finely-finished materials like blackened steel and brick.  Quiet flourishes – like the satisfying way that the oak batons that line the lift lobbies align perfectly with the brickwork of the interior walls – speak of modern luxury in an interior that references the industrial heritage of Bankside.

Just as a warm welcome sets the tone for a memorable stay at your favourite hotel or restaurant, the entrance to your office should command equal important and thought afforded to it. At Arbor, Native Land has meticulously crafted a world-class welcome for both employees and visitors alike.

Eye for Detail is a series of articles about the design thinking behind Arbor, Native Land’s flagship office building at Bankside Yards. This is the second post in the series:

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