Journal Eye for Detail: Think high, dream big

Journal — April 11, 2024

Eye for Detail: Think high, dream big

Journal — April 11, 2024 Eye for Detail: Think high, dream big

Time and again, academic research into spatial psychology has shown that a greater sense of space in our physical environment can enhance creativity and foster innovation.

Researchers have consistently found that office workers in taller spaces perform better in tests that examine how free their thinking is. Those under a higher ceiling not only have more ideas, they also take a bigger-picture view on things.

It’s also something we intuitively sense – it’s no accident that, across cultures, some of the world’s most profound architectural experiences come from the carefully choreographed compression and expansion of space.

At Arbor, the standard floor to ceiling height is a market-leading 3 metres, but the building’s form also allowed the creation of two unique and extraordinary spaces with 7-metre-high ceilings at the top and the bottom of the building. Inspired by the Turbine Hall at the nearby Tate Modern, these unparalleled office floors will deliver a similarly memorable and inspiring experience for their future occupants.

Every visitor to Arbor benefits from the sense of space in our inspirational 14-metre-tall entrance hall, with an escalator rising upwards through the space to provide a spectacular entrance to the lower floors.

Arbor equips its occupiers with the space to create experiences that employees simply cannot recreate when working from home. Whether it’s room to dream up the next innovation, or access to the world-class cultural and leisure offer on the building’s doorstep, Native Land has curated every detail of the building to optimise occupier experience, productivity and enjoyment.

Eye for Detail is a series of posts about the design thinking behind Arbor, Native Land’s flagship office building at Bankside Yards. This is the first post in the series, later topics will appear in the Native Journal and be linked to here as they are posted.

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