Our Company Philosophy

Driven to seek out opportunity. Trusted to deliver value.

We see the potential in development sites that are deemed challenging by others. There is a world of difference between a good opportunity and a great one – and our people have been identifying that difference for more than 35 years.

Getting the best results takes patience and determination, so we commit for the long-term. No matter how complex the challenge, we have the talent and experience to negotiate, plan and deliver.

We’re known for our best-in-class processes and attention to detail – a combination that ensures the most appropriate results for each development.

No two developments are the same. Our expertise and versatility enable us to create authentic neighbourhoods that work for the people who live, work, and spend time in them.

Development Management

At Native Land, we offer a comprehensive development management service that covers every stage of the project; from securing planning consent to marketing the finished product. What sets us apart is our first-hand experience as co-investors, which provides unique insights and best practices that we believe distinguish our approach from others in the market.

With over 35 years of experience in the property industry, we’re committed to delivering sustainable places and adding value through leading-edge practices and market expertise. Our development management services are tailored to a diverse range of clients, including landowners, funds, REITs, and private individuals. We take pride in our long-established high standards, attention to detail, and professionalism, which underpin all our work.

As development management partners, we bring the experience, skills, relationships, and insight needed to help unlock the full potential of our clients’ real estate assets. Whether they’re looking to maximise value, deliver sustainable development, or realise asset management strategies, we can help them achieve their goals.

Life Sciences

Native Land is developing class-leading contemporary workspace to meet demand from the UK’s burgeoning life sciences sector.

Our development at Judd Street in London’s Knowledge Quarter is one of the few ‘lab-enabled’ offices underway in the capital, offering flexible and adaptable space that can be easily converted to laboratories. Judd Street exemplifies how high-quality labs can be delivered on a large scale within a sustainable refurbishment project, through creative reuse and repositioning.

Our team’s experience and expertise in developing high-quality commercial and mixed-use properties is enabling us to provide innovative workspaces to the life sciences industry while minimising our environmental impact. We strive to reduce embodied carbon by reusing existing assets whenever possible and offer all-electric energy to ensure that our buildings operate with net-zero emissions.


Our People

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