Our Responsibility

Our Responsibility


We are working to ensure the future sustainability of our developments, delivering projects that are net zero carbon in operation, while exploring innovative techniques for reducing embodied carbon in construction. We continue to contribute to the communities in which we operate, stimulating local economies, generating employment and improving the built environment. Our sustainability strategy is evolving, as we look to balance environmental, social and corporate responsibility across our developments and our company.



New talent is central to our success so we nurture newcomers to the industry, through work experience and internships. With a placement at Native Land, you gain a broad understanding of the industry and experience across every corner of the development process.



Every Native Land development is built to the highest environmental standards. Green roofs, rainwater collection and ground-sourced heating and cooling systems are common features across our portfolio. Our landmark development, NEO Bankside, features the UK’s deepest energy piles, an energy-efficient system of heating and cooling the building.



We’re proud to support LandAid, the property industry charity that provides safe, suitable and affordable accommodation for young people facing homelessness. We are also active members of the Urban Land Institute and New London Architecture, where we share best practices on the built environment.



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