Our Company Why Native Land?

Why Native Land?


Native Land has a 20-year track record of delivering highly successful prime residential, commercial and mixed-use developments in Central London and strategic UK locations. We are dedicated to creating sustainable, resilient and competitive urban developments and repositioning projects in prime markets around the UK.


Our highly experienced and skilled team is able to turn difficult sites into high-value assets. Crucially, we are prepared to challenge development orthodoxies to achieve the best outcome.

New Eidyn

We’re a hands-on development manager and co-investor that has become the partner of choice for the most prestigious names in real estate ownership, investment and asset management.


Trust, discretion and attention to detail are at the core of our relationships with development and co-investor partners, setting precedents for quality, design, amenity and lifestyle, while offering a new perspective on workspace and the demands of occupiers.


We originated the concept of ‘Hypermixity’, allowing us to push the boundaries of mixed-use schemes both inside and out harder than existing investment-driven use classes and planning policies currently allow.


An acquisitive and growing business in the London and wider UK market, we are actively seeking urban mixed-use, commercial and prime residential opportunities.

Arbor, SE1


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