Journal The Carbon Trust to move global HQ to Arbor at Bankside Yards

Journal — January 24, 2023

The Carbon Trust to move global HQ to Arbor at Bankside Yards

Journal — January 24, 2023 The Carbon Trust to move global HQ to Arbor at Bankside Yards

Leading climate consultancy, the Carbon Trust, is relocating its global headquarters to Arbor at Bankside Yards, where it will benefit from the outstanding environmental credentials of Native Land’s 1.4 million sq ft riverside mixed-use development.

Native Land has exchanged contracts with the Carbon Trust for 13,800 sq ft of office space on a 10-year lease at level five of Arbor. The Carbon Trust will move into the building when it opens in March 2023 joining law firm Lewis Silkin.

The Carbon Trust is a mission-led consultancy that supports businesses, governments and financial institutions worldwide in their journeys to net zero. The move allows the Carbon Trust to support its own decarbonisation goals while remaining within the SE1 postcode.

Bankside Yards is the UK’s first fossil fuel-free major mixed-use development in operation. All its electrical power will come from fully renewable sources and will feature a pioneering fifth-generation energy sharing network.

This will deliver reductions in energy use and mean the site is net zero carbon in operation. Bankside Yards also benefits from access to the world-class cultural and amenity offer of the surrounding neighbourhood, as well as its exceptional transport connectivity.

Arbor was designed with the needs and demands of future workforces in mind, with sustainability, technology and wellbeing central to its conception. Native Land has partnered with Smart Spaces, the leading technology providers in building management, to develop the workspace’s technology infrastructure.

Arbor is a ‘smart’ building with the potential for its own digital twin – a 3-D replica of the building which provides real time analysis to monitor and improve its efficiency. Lewis Silkin, the Carbon Trust and other future tenants will work with Smart Spaces to optimise how they operate their office and connect into this infrastructure.

As part of the agreement, Native Land will be providing a market-leading sustainability management regime to maintain the efficiency of the building. This will allow it to report to other Bankside Yards tenants on energy consumption, supporting their own sustainability analyses. In addition, Native Land has confirmed its commitment to science-based targets to accelerate decarbonisation across its business and future projects.

Jay Squier, Director – Commercial & Mixed Use, at Native Land said:

“The strong alignment between Bankside Yards’ sustainability credentials and the Carbon Trust’s decarbonisation agenda, as well as the building’s unique design attributes, connectivity and quality, made Arbor the natural choice among competing locations for the Trust’s new global headquarters. We will be working in a true landlord and tenant partnership to deliver optimal sustainability management at Arbor.”

Alasdair Nicholls, Chief Executive of at Native Land said:

“This is not just a significant letting for Native Land but an opportunity for us to further develop leading-edge approaches to new and repurposed sustainable development for the benefit of both current and future development partners and co-investors.”

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