Journal Illuminating Experiences at Bankside Yards

Journal — March 19, 2024

Illuminating Experiences at Bankside Yards

Journal — March 19, 2024 Illuminating Experiences at Bankside Yards

Illuminating Experiences at Bankside Yards

Native Land has launched a new programme to showcase the work of local creatives at the Arch Gallery at Bankside Yards.

Four arch-shaped lightboxes have been installed on the southern wall of Bankside Yards’ run of historic Victorian railway arches. The lightboxes make a huge improvement to the pedestrian experience beneath the railway bridge on Southwark Street, illuminating the space while providing a new platform for local artistic talent.

The first commission to go on display in The Arch Gallery is by London-based artist Sola (Instagramwebsite), whose “lightbombing” technique combines street art style with photography to capture a process of painting with light within landscapes.

“The footway under the railway bridge on Southwark Street is an important pedestrian route for visitors to Tate Modern and the Southbank Centre, and an improvement here is a key early win for the public realm benefit that Native Land hopes to achieve through the development of Bankside Yards.” Says Nicholas Gray, Sales & Marketing Director of Native Land.

“When it is complete, Bankside Yards will open up 3.3 acres of riverside public realm, supported by 50,000 sq ft of retail, bars, restaurants and culture in 14 railway arches that have been closed to the public to 150 years. New pedestrian routes through the arches will move foot traffic away from Southwark Street by creating direct connections to minor roads.”

Sola’s images will be on display until autumn 2024, when they will be replaced with work from another artist selected from the Arch Gallery’s open call. If you’re an artist interested in submitting your own work for display, you can find out more here (

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