Journal Celebrating Native Land’s Design Collaborations

Journal — May 4, 2021

Celebrating Native Land's Design Collaborations

Journal — May 4, 2021 Celebrating Native Land's Design Collaborations


Native Land works with a formidable network of creatives – both world-renowned talent and rising stars – across the worlds of architecture, interiors, and landscape design. These collaborations have supported its long-standing vision for crafting iconic designs and this has enabled them to deliver some of London’s most authentic, high-quality homes.

Architectural icons

Enduring partnerships with globally renowned architects have become Native Land’s calling card for all its developments. Collaborations with industry greats have supported a vision for crafting iconic structures that reimagine and enhance the character and culture of their locale, redefining the urban landscape every time.

Supported by a cast of architectural heavyweights such as Roger Stirk Harbour + Partners, dynamic exteriors, skyline-impacting silhouettes and state-of-the-art interiors all define the varied spaces of its portfolio.

Living landscapes

 The form and beauty of the natural world is integral to Native Land’s vision. It’s an expertly-planned, transformative thread that runs throughout its developments, from a wide palette of public spaces to private apartments – via a keen eye of on bio-diversity, showcasing hidden gems from the surrounding environment and heightening the senses.

Thanks to collaborations with some of the industry’s most accomplished landscape designers

including London-based Gillespies and Marcus Barnett Studios, Native Land’s landscaping is designed to provide pleasure from every angle.

Interior edge

Bespoke to every destination, imaginative contemporary interior design underscores the look and feel of Native Land’s developments. From the placement of lighting and furniture to the sourcing of art, design and extraordinary craft, they create inspirational but ultra-liveable interiors whose unique identities confirm an authentic sense of place.

Working with leading design studios including Studio Ashby, Collett Zarzycki, Studio Reed, Hudson & Mercer, Reid Williams Design and David Collins Studio weaves new and visual vocabularies and a rich sense of storytelling into all Native Land spaces.

Native Land’s commitment to meticulous design and tradition of quality has ensured its schemes remain in-demand years after they launch. Take a look back at some of its famed collaborations.

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