Journal Eye for Detail: Views, Light and Wellbeing

Journal — June 6, 2024

Eye for Detail: Views, light and wellbeing

Journal — June 6, 2024 Eye for Detail: Views, light and wellbeing

Vistas extend our perception of volume – enhancing the impact of space. An office with a view is an office with a connection to the outdoors, with the wellbeing benefits that come from access to natural light and exposure to the diurnal rhythm of morning, noon and night.

The view from Arbor reinforces the building’s location at the heart of the action, in London’s business and cultural centre. The two historic hills of the City of London, one bristling with skyscrapers and the other topped by the Dome of St Paul’s fill the full height windows to the north. The iconic chimney of Giles Gilbert Scott’s Bankside Power Station, now home to the peerless Tate Modern gallery, is framed by our east-facing windows, and the panorama is animated by the trains gliding into the neighbouring Blackfriars station along the historic Victorian viaduct that runs across our site.

A focus on glazing is not just about making the most of an exceptional view. Exposure to daylight has been positively linked to quality of sleep by scientific studies and the International Well Building Institute highlights the link between the circadian rhythm and physiological processes throughout the body, from digestion to alertness. Public awareness of wellbeing has never been higher and leading employers, who understand the impact that a healthy workplace has on their ability to attract and retain staff, are voting with their feet by moving to the best available buildings.

Arbor’s 3×3 metre window bays flood the interior with natural daylight, and 95% of the workspace area is within 7 metres of a window. Arbor’s spectacular view of Central London is enhanced by the ultra-clear low iron glass of our energy-efficient triple-glazed façade. Smart technology governs a self-adjusting solar shade within the closed cavity façade units to minimise the heating effect of the sun. The shades feature perforations that provide effective shading while preserving views across London, even on the brightest summer day.

The effect of openness is completed by outdoor terraces on every other floor that provide sheltered outdoor space to pause and take in the view. These terraces create a soft boundary between indoors and out and respond to the requirement for fresh air as well as spaces that match a variety of workstyles.

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