Sampson and Ludgate House


Sampson and Ludgate House is a 1.4m sqft redevelopment project by an international consortium comprising Native Land, Temasek, HPL and Amcorp Properties located adjacent to the Thames in the London Borough of Southwark.

The consortium acquired the site of Sampson and Ludgate House with an existing planning consent obtained by previous owner The Carlyle Group. These approved plans entail a major 1.4m sq ft mixed use development, which will reconnect the space between the Tate Modern and one of London’s major transport hubs, Blackfriars Station. The London Borough of Southwark will also benefit from a substantial contribution towards further housing within the Borough.




Net Area

1.4m sq ft



Joint Venture

Temasek, HPL and Amcorp Properties


  • Sampson and Ludgate CGI southbank