Affordable Housing

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    Our developments continue to make a meaningful contribution to London’s overall housing supply, through the provision of affordable homes across the capital. Since our formation in 2003, Native Land has been directly responsible for bringing forward a 266 units of high quality, affordable, shared ownership and social rented homes both on-site and in the local neighbourhoods of the boroughs in which we invest.

    We have also contributed in excess of £50m towards affordable housing provision in several London
    boroughs, enabling local authorities to deliver hundreds of high standard, well positioned affordable homes, either directly or through registered providers. Native Land works closely with the boroughs in
    which we operate to ensure that the benefits of our developments are felt throughout the community. We
    approach each project on an individual basis responding to the requirements of each location and borough. We have always created affordable homes both onsite and off-site, all to an extremely high standard and taking into account the needs of different family sizes and requirements. Off-site development can often allow for a higher number of much needed affordable accommodation, sometimes providing significantly more homes than on-site development. We also make financial contributions to local community initiatives such as children’s play spaces, public open spaces, and sports development.

    “Cheyne Terrace is a great example of a project providing much needed social rented housing to an area currently witnessing high demand and a low supply of affordable homes.”

    - Adam Preece, Principal Development Manager at Peabody

    “We are thrilled that Native Land is able to transfer such a variety of high quality units at Cheyne Terrace, primarily because many of those 13 apartments on offer, will truly be family sized. Native Land understands the strong need to integrate the built environment with our social and environmental values. As a housing association, it is vital that we work with property developers that contribute to the creation of communities. The collaboration with Native Land has enabled Affinity Sutton to provide high quality affordable homes which improve the lives of our residents in Southwark.”

    - Affinity Sutton

    “Southwark is in an exciting period of growth and development. Our partnership with Native Land plays a key part in the regeneration of the borough by providing high quality homes to create sustainable and vibrant communities.”

    - Family Mosaic

    Housing Partnerships

    • Peabody
    • Wandle
    • Acton Housing
    • Family Mosaic
    • Affinity Sutton